The Lotus Within Soul Guide Experience

This soul guide experience was created to help burnt out female identifying entrepreneurs reduce stress unravel trauma and restore balance so they can feel more energized, successful and bold.  Over the course of three months, we meet weeks one through three of each month online for a 2-hour soul guide session. Week four of each month is a 15–30-minute check in to help with processing and integration.  This program includes trauma informed care, breathwork, yoga, reiki, iRest meditations and life changing discussions. 3-month program (9 zoom sessions and three 15-30min phone sessions). 

1:1 (sessions are 1 hr each) Schedule anytime, Group Session (2hr each) starts Jan 9-March 26th 2024 Tuesdays 7-9pm MST via zoom

Self-Investment: $1,500.

  • Week 1: "Awakening Your Inner Light" Discover your inner spark, ignite your purpose, and embark on a path of self-discovery and self-love. This week, you'll set the foundation for a remarkable journey.

  • Week 2: "Navigating Your Inner Landscape" Explore the depths of your emotions and thoughts, gaining insights to navigate life's challenges with wisdom and resilience. Your inner world is your greatest ally.
  • Week 3: "Unveiling Your Authentic Self" Peel away the layers that hide your true self. Embrace your authenticity, and learn how to express it confidently in your relationships and endeavors.
  • Week 4: Integration week 30min check in.
  • Week 5: "Harmonizing Mind and Heart" Discover the balance between your logical mind and your compassionate heart. Find peace, clarity, and strength in this harmonious union.
  • Week 6: "Tapping into Intuition" Connect with your innate intuition and trust your inner guidance. Strengthen your intuitive abilities to make your life choices.
  • Week 7: "Healing and Releasing" Release past traumas and emotional baggage. Learn to heal, forgive, and make space for new energies and opportunities in your life.
  • Week 8: Integration week 30min check in.
  • Week 9: "Connecting with Universal Energy" Dive into the realm of higher consciousness and tap into universal energy. Awaken your spiritual connection and feel the oneness that surrounds you.
  • Week 10: "Manifesting Your Dreams" Learn the art of manifestation and bring your desires into reality. Align your intentions with the universe and watch your dreams materialize.
  • Week 11: "Becoming Your Own Soul Guide" By the end of this transformative journey, you will have the tools and wisdom to guide yourself through life's challenges, remaining in touch with your soul's true purpose.
  • Week 12: Integration week 30 min check in.
  • The Lotus Within is designed to help you find inner peace, unleash your potential, and navigate life with grace and wisdom. Join us on this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. 


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